29 апреля 2014
Kevin Gardner
It is always a pleasure to work with Russian students and teachers. Firstly, the grammar skills of students are impressive with a wide knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the English language. Secondly, Russian students are out-going, friendly and want to learn. What more could a teacher wish for from any class? The visits to the museums in London and Oxford always create interest in the students and their thoughts and comments on what they see shows an appreciation of cultural works and art forms. I have enjoyed my time working with Alpha Dialogue immensely and hope we can continue to work together to bring British and Russian culture and literature to a wider audience.
29 июля 2013
Davis Stokes
In my cooperation with “Alpha Dialogue” as an English teacher, I have over a long period had some of the most positive experiences of my life. I have seen shy students from many parts of the Russian Federation quickly develop a confidence in speaking English, supported in the warm learning atmosphere that Alpha Dialogue provides here in Pargas. The all the children I have met that come to Finland with Alpha Dialogue, have made new friends, improved their skills in English and thrived in the safe and positive experience we try to give each and every student.