Centre of additional professional education «Alpha-Dialogue»

Centre of additional professional education “Alpha-Dialogue” is the environment of development for children and adults

Centre of additional professional education «Alpha-Dialogue» (license № 3404 dated April 17, 2018, issued by the St. Petersburg Education Committee) carries out educational activities in the following areas:

  • pedagogical seminars and training internships;
  • conferences and forums at various levels and themes;
  • educational and cultural projects for children and adults.

Pedagogical seminars, training internships, conferences and forums

Pedagogical seminars, training internships, conferences and forums are aimed at improving the skills of administrative and pedagogical staff of educational organizations in the system of continuing professional education.

The “Alfa-Dialog” Center has extensive experience in conducting pedagogical seminars and training internships in Russia and in other countries. The programs of seminars and internships include lectures by leading experts in the field of study, visits to educational institutions (open classes, master classes). All the participants receive relevant documents on advanced training of the established sample (certificates) at the end of the program.

Programs of pedagogical seminars, training internships can be developed and implemented in accordance with the request of the educational organization.

The "Alpha Dialogue" Center annually holds the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Open Methodology", devoted to the problems of teaching Russian language and literature at school with the assistance of the Philology Department of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. Russian language and literature methodists of leading scientific centers of the country take part in the conference.

Educational and cultural projects for children and adults

The method of our work is an educational project. It allows you to organize joint activities of teachers and students most effectively.

We develop and conduct educational projects for children and adults in different areas: languages and art, intercultural communication, science, mathematics, modern technologies.

The projects are aimed at immersion in the space of culture — language, literature, art, modern science, the history of Russia — in the conditions of the cultural and educational environment of St. Petersburg, as well as history of other countries or cities of the world (Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Slovenia, etc.).

The process of teaching program participants is inextricably linked with the solution of educational tasks: spiritual and moral development, education of loving nature, humanity, art, the need of creative work for the good of Motherland.

Our pedagogical credo is that every person is naturally talented and kind, capable of development and self-improvement. It determines the main goal of the organization’s work: to create conditions in which the creative, intellectual and spiritual potential of a person can be realized. Alpha Dialogue is the environment of development.

Principles of our work

  • The dialogue policy at all the stages of program realization.
  • Wide content and effectiveness of project activities.
  • Accounting for the intellectual and creative needs of project participants.
  • Taking into account the age and psychological characteristics of project participants and the specifics of the perception of information by a teenager nowadays.
  • Relying on the best traditions of national and world pedagogy and the active use of modern educational technologies.
  • Respect for all participants of the project educational activities.
  • Active realization of the potential of the cultural and educational environment (of the city and country), “inclusion” in the culture.

Important organizational elements of work

  • All the participants can receive an official invitation to the educational project (if necessary).
  • Projects programs involve the student's employment throughout the day.
  • Classes are conducted by professors of St. Petersburg universities and foreign educational institutions.
  • Each participant is provided with all necessary materials for the classes.
  • Throughout the project, the group is accompanied by a tutor of the Center who is responsible for organizational issues (travelling within the program, visiting museums, food, etc.) and carrying out project work with the participants.
  • Transportation, food, accommodation and ensuring the safety of life and health of the participants are carried out taking into account relevant requirements.
  • All the activities listed in the project program are included in the price.
  • Project participants receive Center certificates.
  • We guarantee the quality of our projects and a high level of organizational support.