Programme in Europe

 We organize programmes in different countries of Europe. Each of our program is made by the author's method given the characteristics of age and knowledges og partisipants. Each programme is unique and build according the actual group of children or teachers and their goals.

We've got:

  • Intercultural Dialogue School (the project aim is developing and strengthening mutual understanding of students from different countries on the basis of familiarizing with the Russian language and culture, complemented with outdoor activities and health)  — Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Republic.
  • Intensive English Session in UK (this programme is a new way to discover the UK and to improve language skills of children).
  • Vacations with Alpha-Dialogue (the programme aims are studying the culture of foreign countries, sightseeing, making the creative project).
  • Pedagogical Seminar „Modern Education Strategies and Practices: Experience of Europe“ (modern strategies and techniques of educations);
  • Professional Internships (Study Trip Swiss Banking and Finance, Energy Companies in Swedwn and Norway, Organic Farming in the Netherlands etc).

And og course we always can create a new programme based on your preferences and goals.