Työväen Akatemia

Työväen Akatemia is based within its own private grounds which includes a nationally recognized arboretum. As a Folk High School the concept of the college is to build a community to help foster informal as well as formal learning. To this end accommodation is provided for the many of the students on site, plus a hotel complex for visiting guests, both national and international. This enables students to meet and talk to a wide variety of academics and guest speakers outside of the traditional classroom environment, as well as to work with other groups who come to the college on a regular basis. The classrooms have up-to-date multi-media facilities with designated computer classrooms and a language laboratory plus a library with over 30,000 volumes on the open shelves and in the stack. In addition, the library can quickly access the interlibrary exchange system that functions in Finland between all libraries, whether academic or local municipal.

The  Academy is involved in EU-projects with topics related to democracy, multiculturalism and cultural awareness. The Academy also collaborates with several other European adult education and trade union institutions.

It has now students from Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Turkey.